About Corktraders

Over the years, we have enjoyed sharing wine with our family and friends throughout the world. We share our opinions about wines and pass around our personal tasting notes. We also swap bottles and sometimes cases with other connoisseurs which enables all of us to become more educated about wines that we are otherwise unfamiliar with or could only dream of getting through an exclusive allocation list or wine club.

The idea of swapping wine expanded rapidly from our small network of oenophiles. When we realized that there are many others who think wine swapping is an entertaining way to reallocate their cellar or collection, we decided to create the forum for a Master Cellar of wines for trade…and we called it Corktraders. In addition to trading bottles, we created a community where wine lovers can easily discuss wine in general and swap their reviews and tasting notes with new friends and fellow wineOs from around the world.

Our goal is for Corktraders.com to be a single place where connoisseurs can come together to swap their wines, knowledge and simply communicate with each other.



Pass the Bottle