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Ready, Set, Launch
Corktraders News has officially launched! The site will constantly be evolving, but we feel we’re off to an amazing start! Our team has dedicated the past several months to developing and testing the site so that you and the rest of the world will have a great experience on our first day live. Thank you so much to all of our BETA testers who helped us to identify bugs and made suggestions.


Most wine enthusiasts have attended or at least heard of a wine swapping party. It’s an event where everybody brings a bottle (or two), and before the evening is over they’ve swapped their bottle for someone else’s. There is typically plenty of wine-talk and everyone usually leaves having made a new friend.

Consider one big wine swapping party – only it’s the party that never ends and wineOs from around the world can attend without even leaving their own cellar. At, members can browse cellars throughout the world to find wines they would like to “swap” for a bottle (or case) of their own. Once they find something of interest, they can offer a trade and negotiate with the other Corktrader until both parties are satisfied. There are Forums where members can tell their wine stories, ask questions, and there is even an entire segment dedicated to sharing Wine Reviews. Corktraders can also display wines that they may not want to trade purely for the pleasure of showcasing their cellar, while also showing the community a Wish List of wines they’d like to add to their personal collection. Of course, any wineO who joins the Corktraders party is bound to make at least a few new friends along the way.


Swapping wine has distinct advantages:

  • Corktrading enables members to trade for exclusive bottles that will never be sold to anyone outside of a specific allocation list. On the flip side, swapping allows those with large allocations to move some bottles out of their cellar.
  • As the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and wine is no exception. Some collectors have acquired bottles they just don’t care for, but other enthusiasts may specifically be looking for them – is the forum that will bring them together!
  • Swapping wine could be the solution for businesses or restaurants that have inventory in their cellar that isn’t yielding revenue.
  • Corktrading allows people to share their favorite wines and educate others about them.
  • Swapping wine can be fun, plain and simple!

BECOME A CORKTRADER! is the World’s First Wine Swapping Community and we’re asking YOU to help us make it great by adding your content and spreading the word! Register today for your FREE trial. Then start adding wines to your Corktraders Cellar (you can specify whether or not you may be willing to trade them at this time), write Reviews about your favorites and chat with each other in the Forums. Every single bottle you add and post you write gives our site increased credibility and will encourage more members. The more members we have, the better Corktraders will be. Please pass the word along to anyone who loves wine, be it family, friends co-workers or even your favorite restaurateur.

We truly appreciate everyone’s support and hope you are all just as excited as we are to start Corktrading!

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