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Corktraders News

Corktraders News

Cheers From Boston

Boston Wine ExpoCorktraders was in Beantown last month for the 18th Annual Boston Wine Expo.  This show is the largest trade and consumer wine event in the country.  We were fortunate to meet so many fellow connoisseurs and enjoyed some amazing wines from the 450 wineries that exhibited pouring over 1800 wines.  





Imbibe Magazine drinks in Corktraders
Imbibe Magazine

Corktraders recently impressed the folks at Imbibe Magazine so much, they included it in the 'A Few of Our Favorite Things" section of their January 09 issue. Pick it up at a local store or newsstand, or check out this snippet online.

From the Imbibe Website: "Imbibe is the magazine of liquid culture. It is a completely new way of looking at drinks—as a distinct culinary category, deserving in-depth exploration of history, ingredients, preparation, artistry and consumption. From wine, spirits and beer to coffee, tea and everything in between, Imbibe celebrates the world in a glass. In each issue, you’ll find compelling travelogues, engaging profiles, signature recipes and useful reviews—everything you need to know about the fascinating people, places, flavors and cultures of all things potable. Imbibe is your indispensable guide to all that’s fit to drink."

Jennifer loves Corktraders

Jennifer's Reviews recently featured a flattering post about Corktraders...

"Have you ever been to a wine trading/swapping party? That’s a party where everyone invited brings a bottle of wine to swap with other guests at the party! You have an opportunity, depending on whose invited, to walk away with a new tasting challange on a wine you may never have had the opportunity to try!  Now, take that local party concept and multiply it times the World Wide Web and you have one heck of a wine swapping party!"

Read the whole article at Jennifer's Reviews


Ready, Set, Launch has officially launched! The site will constantly be evolving, but we feel we’re off to an amazing start! Our team has dedicated the past several months to developing and testing the site so that you and the rest of the world will have a great experience on our first day live. Thank you so much to all of our BETA testers who helped us to identify bugs and made suggestions.


Most wine enthusiasts have attended or at least heard of a wine swapping party. It’s an event where everybody brings a bottle (or two), and before the evening is over they’ve swapped their bottle for someone else’s. There is typically plenty of wine-talk and everyone usually leaves having made a new friend.

Corktraders in a Nutshell is an online community where subscribers around the globe can come together to trade (or “swap”) their wine. Corktraders was developed as an alternative for connoisseurs to reallocate their collection without incurring the commissions or transaction fees associated with traditional wine sales or auctions. Individual subscriptions to will be less than $10 per month and allows for an unlimited amount of trading without any transaction fees.

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